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There’s enough tourist books and city apps… But where do you get the most valuable tips when you travel? Exactly, from your friends! It is way more fun to get tips from people you know. This way tips are more relevant and you know that it’s not a commercial tip.

GoHere is THE app for travel tips for and by friends. Together you can share and review the best places! With the nearby button you always know if there are nice places for you in the area.

GoHere app
Tip overview

In the main screen you immediately get an overview of the latest tips added by your friends. Always inspiring and fun to view these tips.

Invite friends

Without friends, no tips ... With GoHere it's easy to invite friends quickly and ask for tips.

Add tips yourself

Getting tips is fun, but giving tips may be even more fun. GoHere makes it very easy to recommend the place that you like. Select the location, and address details are automatically filled in for you.

Search for tips per city or friend

Are you looking for tips in Berlin? With GoHere you quickly search on location. And with the nearby button you can see nice places in your surroundings.


Keep in touch

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