Do you want to develop your own recreation app for locations in the Netherlands or abroad? Our recreation app is used by travel companies, city marketers, airlines, communities and by cruise companies. With our app they share useful information for their own target group at home and/or abroad and their target group always has the most current tips at hand. Do you want to know more? Contact GoHere!


After all, you know best which tips are suitable for your passengers. The users can add their own tips, see tips from friends and ask. This way they always have the best tips at hand and they can fully enjoy all the beautiful locations. The GoHere app is very simple, proven according to the GoHere platform and offers customization options. Feel free to contact us for more information!

1. Share travel tips with your friends

The concept of GoHere is unique in several ways. A great feature within the platform is that you can not only share tips as an organization, but you can also search for friends who use one of the other connected apps to follow their tips as well. As a result, the use of the app is not a one-off, but users keep coming back to be kept informed of new tips in the Netherlands and abroad.

2. A service with real travel tips

All the information on the GoHere travel app is shared by real people. Many other travel apps are influenced by reviews from strangers. This makes it difficult for the target group to find out the best tips for their trip.

3. Quick and easy recreation app based on the White Label concept

GoHere works on the basis of a White Label concept. This means that all apps are built on the same codebase. This has two advantages. GoHere is therefore able to launch new travel apps at lightning speed and with any updates.